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Induction Test

Inductive Reasoning Test, also known as Inductive Learning Ability, measures how well a person can identify a pattern within a large amount of data. It involves applying the rules of logic when inferring general principles from a constellation of particulars.

Performance Evaluation Test

As the term suggests, the Performance Evaluation Tests; these tests are conducted to do the scrutiny of the performance of the employees.The basis of the examination is to decide whether and how the employees are capable of working under different stress levels. The moderation of the overall performance of the candidate can be drafted through this kind of test.

New Skill Aquisition Test

The intent of this kind of test is to familiarise the employees with the new skill sets or new technologies that are in trend or that are required to be updated. With the changing times, the working techniques need to be updated as well. But to make sure that the employees adapt to all these changes, the companies need to see the compatibility of the staff with the new techniques.


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